Legal Adjustment

It is a very interesting fact that the efficacious credit bureau disputes can transmute the outlook of your credit report. Unfortunately, most of the people find themselves with no credit scores or deficient credit scores by the end of the program and stay deprived of this great value. The reason is that in such cases people require something more than disputes.

Credit Profile for the effect:

In order to customize your FICO scores and bring you better opportunities, we spot loopholes in your credit profile along establishing your dispute candidates in your credit report. We provide you with an open account with creditworthiness by making sure that the bureau is getting information about how you are managing your finances.

Redistributed balance:

In order to optimize your credit score, you can redistribute balance among your accounts. Such seemingly small measures can earn you dependable results. Additionally, we will suggest you to use safe credit cards with manageable fee structure and rates for rebuilding your credit irrespective of your credit history. Our professional team of experts will also guide you in securing efficient score boost through these accounts.


What is a Legal Credit Adjustment?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires Credit Bureaus to remove all Accounts resulting from Identity Theft from your Credit Report. A legal credit adjustment is the process by which we use these sections of the FCRA to force Credit Bureaus to remove Negative Accounts from your Credit Report. We do this by using a proprietary method we’ve developed to facilitate and speed-up this process.

How Long Does the Legal Credit Adjustment Take?

In the first days, we analyze your credit reports and select negative items for deletion. We then prepare and notarize the Identity Theft Affidavit. With that document, we show you how to file a police report. We then send the documentation, including the police report to the Creditor, the Credit Bureaus and the FTC. We begin monitoring your report to see the negative reports drop off, those that remain, we re-submit claims until all negative items are deleted. Under the FTC requirements, these should be eliminated immediately, so we expect all to be gone within three weeks after our preparation time.

Fast Track Credit Sweep

What Happens if Your Credit is Hijacked?

Identity theft happens to one American every two seconds, according to Javelin Strategy & Research. In 2013, there were over 13 million victims. The potential impact on your credit, not to mention the work it causes for the Credit reporting bureaus – is astronomical.
What if some of the negative information on your report right now – are the result of someone using your report and making charges that they want you to pay?

We Fight Identity Theft for You

Deletion Experts have extensive experience in rooting out identity theft damages, and working with the credit reporting bureaus to remove them from your report.
Our proprietary legal credit adjustment process will discover Identity Theft markers through a thorough evaluation of your credit reports from all three credit bureaus- TransUnion, Experian and EquiFax. Today, an identity theft incident is not necessarily identifiable through major purchases that ring alarms at your lender’s fraud prevention department. Billions of dollars every year are stolen and credit blemishes are realized with small thefts running under the radar.
We use our own programs to find the subtle identifiers and take action against them, including using that proof to restore your good credit.