Faster Disputes

Every credit bureau usually has 30 days on their expense for processing the disputes letters. After every 35 days, we send out rounds of credit bureau disputes in order to accomplish the most dependable results. This mode of action provides us with a modest buffer along with the processing time.

We adhere to your timeline:

The 45 or 60 days dispute cycles offered by most of the credit repair companies not only elongates the timeline but also put the extra burden on your wallet. A company that is taking 60 days for achieving the results is not only slowing the accomplishment of results but also tricks you into paying the double amount.

Deeming disputes as frolicsome:

You are free to add as many disputes and issues in your dispute letters as you want as there is no legal limit to it. The only concern that emerges when you send dispute letters with a disproportionate amount of issues is that it is perceived as frivolous and is dismissed eventually.


The right number for dispute letters listing:

With our years of professional experience with dispute letters, we have come to the understanding that more than 5 dispute issues in a dispute letter puts you in trouble by getting your letter rejected. So, when you are exploiting our optimized credit repair services our expert team makes sure that the number does not exceed ensuring your success.