Business Lines of Credit

Business Lines of Credit

Having good credit is indispensable for qualifying for a business loan. If you are seeking a business loan, contact Robin Improve Yourself Consulting and opt for their credit repair services for achieving a good credit score in a hassle-free and efficient manner. We have a team of business expert who has a business relationship and profound insight into the mechanics of good and bad credit for helping you in qualifying for business loans with a low-interest rate.

Small business lines of credit

If you are endeavoring for small business and need to qualify and get your business loan approved then follow this to do list:


Kinds of small business loans:

If you are applying for any of the following small business loans make sure that you can meet the demands of the lender in order to avoid any potential frustrations:

  1. Private money loan
  2. hard money loan
  3. online small-business loan
  4. SBA loan through a bank

Steps for qualifying for a small-business loan:

Robin Improve Yourself Consulting’s team will follow the following five steps to help you in qualifying for a small-business loan:

1. Build credit score:

Robin Improve Yourself Consulting helps you in building a good credit score and assist you in qualifying for your business loan. For lenders, a good credit score is of paramount importance and it has severe implications for the lending decisions. For instance, a good credit score, 720 or above, can save you from high-interest rate and inflations of your monthly payments.

Know the lender’s qualifications and requirements:
We cater following factors and provide you with a good credit score:

  • your payment history (35% of your score)
  • The amounts owed and your other debt (30%)
  • The span of your credit (15%)
  • Fresh credit inquiries (10%).
  • Kinds of credit in use (10%)

2. Gather financial and legal documents:

We help you in gathering, in an organized manner, the following legal and financial reports for staying prepared for meeting the requirements of the lender:

  • Identification proof for Residence
  • Proof for Identity
  • Evidence of Income
  • Utility bills
  • a state- or government-issued photo ID
  • job history
  • your debt

3. Develop a strong business plan:

Robin Improve Yourself Consulting will help you in developing a reliable and effective small business plan. We will strengthen your case in front of the lending institution with our expertise, knowledge and business relationships.