Auto Loans

Auto loans

Credit responsibilities and auto loans go hand in hand. In order to qualify for an auto loan, you are required to have fairly decent credit. Robin Improve Yourself Consulting will make you eligible for an auto loan with a low-interest rate for monthly payments.

We know that your car is going to be your first big purchase and that you can’t pay in cash for that. You must be wondering about meeting the requirements. Do not worry! We will make your new auto a reality. All you need is to have the following at your expense for qualifying for the auto loan:


1. Identification proof for Residence and Identity:

In case you are applying for the loan at a bank where you have been making transactions and doing business from a specified period of time, you do not have to provide proof of your identity and residence. Although, you will have to give the proofs if you are working with the lender for the first time. It is evident that lending institutions demand transparency from you. They will need you to provide information about the place where they could find you if you stop making payments. Mostly a utility bill and a state- or government-issued photo ID are adequate for the purpose. However, every lender has his unique criteria for accepting identification proof for residence and identity.

2. Evidence of Income:

Most of the lending institutions will want from you to have a steady income as a qualification for getting an auto loan. They want the assurance that your current income gives you the ability to return the borrowed amount. Your bank statements and pay stubs are mostly accepted as proof but again every lending institution has its criteria regarding the documents for evidence.

3. Good Credit Score is a requisite:

A good credit score is a pre-requisite for qualifying for an auto loan. A good score is a relative phenomenon and it largely depends on the scoring system that is being used by the lending institution. Different scales are used for this purpose but if one out of the three credit reporting agencies gives you a good credit score, then your score from other institutions will be considered to be in the comparable range. Lenders will approve your auto loan even without a good credit score but the interest rate is going to come to you as a shock. Exploit the expedient services of Robin Improve Yourself Consulting and transform your credit score from bad to good.

4. % for Down Payment:

It is always a plus point to come to the table with a 20% down payment. If you cannot offer this percentage, venture for 15-10% down payment for keeping the interest rate at the lower end. Lenders will prefer you and give you auto loan more readily if you have any of the percentages mentioned above of down payment to offer. Although there are auto dealerships, who are offering “no down payment” auto loans but do not be tricked and deceived but this offer. No down payment will cause you to pay more in the form of monthly installments for an auto loan, consequently inflating it.

It is easy to qualify for an auto loan by staying proactive before going to the dealership and staying familiar with your credit score and its effectiveness in getting the auto loan approved for you. Contact Robin Improve Yourself Consulting for equipping you with the information and confidence for getting your auto loan approved in a stress-free and efficient manner.